You’d think netizens would have learned not to mess with Annie Yi, after she took legal action against some very, very rude people who posted nasty things about her three-year-old daughter Milly last year.

On March 4, the Taiwanese singer-actress celebrated her 51st birthday (or 52nd, if you’re going by the Chinese system of age reckoning that believes we are one year old at birth, which is what Annie does) and shared a lengthy post and video on Weibo paying tribute to her family.

“With every year that passes, I think I have already reached my best age, but then I get another year older and I realise that something good can always become better,” she wrote. “At 52 years old, I am still an old girl, living better than ever and smiling brighter than ever.”

Despite her uplifting message, Annie still managed to attract one particularly horrid comment from a troll, who scoffed, “Old woman, don’t go out and be a demon.”

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