Annie Yi blasted for letting three-year-old daughter get manicure and facial

Netizens pointed out that it was completely unnecessary for the singer-actress to splurge on those treatments.

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Taiwanese singer-actress Annie Yi welcomed a daughter, Milly Qin, in June 2016. Since then, she’s uploaded multiple shots of their day-to-day lives. Her Weibo post on September 30, however, came under fire from netizens as she uploaded photos of Milly getting a facial and manicure at a spa.

Many questioned why the mother-of-two felt the need to subject her daughter to such frivolous things at her age. Her caption ignited further debate as some felt that she was being too hard on her toddler.

“Her life is very busy. She’s learning how to dance, learning English, and participating in her kindergarten’s activities, so her secretary mummy hoped to give her a day off to love herself at the spa,” Annie gushed.

Fellow mothers questioned if Milly was doing all those activities of her own accord, or if Annie was forcing her daughter to attend these classes from such a young age.

“At this rate, the only skills she’ll learn are those learned in the classroom,” one netizen wrote. “Children nowadays really just can’t have a proper childhood because of their over-ambitious parents.”

Others pointed out that it was completely unnecessary for Annie to splurge on treatments that Milly doesn’t even need, and that the little girl would likely be happier having an off day to do things that children her age enjoy, such as going on a picnic, or having a playdate with friends.

Annie updated her page again on October 2, clarifying that the nail polish used was non-toxic and is suitable even for those who are pregnant.

However, even this statement sparked controversy as Annie provided a Taobao link to purchase the product at the end of the post, with many wondering if this was just a ploy to earn a quick buck from advertising the shop’s products by making use of her daughter.

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