Anita Yuen wants to try for a second baby

Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung will embark on their baby-making project after Chinese New Year 

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At an event for a baby powder brand yesterday, Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen let on that she will begin her baby-making project with husband Julian Cheung after Chinese New Year. According to Anita, “Captain Cool”, who previously mentioned that he hopes to have a daughter, has rearranged his filming schedule to accommodate their plans.

Although Anita often expressed her wish for a second baby, the 43-year-old’s plans have been set back by health issues. However, the actress is now ready to welcome a second child, largely due to Julian’s persuasion and encouragement from her 8-year-old son Morton.

While speaking to reporters, Anita said that Morton has sweetly offered to look after his future sibling. “He is very sensible and caring,” she added, smiling.

Anita and Julian recently visited Korea to shoot a reality show. When asked if the couple made use of the opportunity to try for baby number two, the actress replied: “The crew enters our room at 5am every morning to start filming. How could making babies be possible?” 

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