Anita Yuen regrets hurting Julian Cheung with mistress confession

She came clean about being a rich man’s mistress in 2007

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Back in 2007, Anita Yuen surprised many with her candid confession that she used to be a rich man’s mistress. At the time, she explained that she saw their relationship as that of lovers, and couldn’t understand why others felt like she was a kept woman.

In hindsight, she admitted, “I was materialistic, and I was so blinded by it that I didn’t know that he was married.”

Twelve years after that confession, she and husband Julian Cheung appeared on talk show A Date with Luyu earlier this week, where she talked about the aftermath of that confession.

Anita teared up as she said that she didn’t think of the consequences of her confession. “The only thing that I regret is that I hurt him (Julian). I wanted to be honest about my past, and you can criticise me for it. But leave him alone. He’s the person I love,” she declared.

Following that, the actress admitted that she used to be too selfish, and that while she doesn’t mind how outsiders view her “as long as he (Julian) still likes me”. She continued that she will personally explain the entire situation to her son Morton, 12, when he grows up.

Julian, who was quietly listening while Anita shared her story, later said that he regrets not meeting his wife earlier. “If I had met her (before she met the rich man), I would be able to protect her. Everyone has made mistakes in the past,” he shared, adding that he doesn’t mind what happened back then at all.

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