Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung Chilam’s Son Thought His Dad Sold Sushi

Julian did play a sushi chef in a TVB drama.

Hongkong stars Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung have an 11-year-old son, Morton, who, as Anita recently revealed, only just found out that his parents are, in fact, A-list actors.

anita yuen
Anita with her son Morton as a toddler. Don't they look alike?

In an interview with Hongkong TV channel Fantastic TV, Anita shared that she and Julian had never discussed their careers with their son, and thus he had no inkling about their fame until one fateful day when Morton's primary school principal summoned his parents for a meeting.

The principal was concerned when he heard Morton telling his teacher that his father “used to be a policeman but switched to selling sushi”. Turns out, the principal, like Morton, also had no clue what Anita and Julian did for living. According to Anita, he told them: “Your family is very problematic”, as they frequently changed careers, and that the instability would affect Morton's growth.

Meanwhile, little Morton had likely watched his dad acting as a sushi chef in the 2011 TVB drama The Rippling Blossom, and as a policeman in the 2004 drama ICAC Investigators, and thought that his old man job-hops regularly.

Kinda cute but also kinda sad, don’t you think?



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