Angelababy: There’s nothing wrong with wanting children at a young age

She talked about her experience having a child at 27

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Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy became a mother at the age of 27 when she gave birth to a son nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’ in January 2017.

When the news of her getting pregnant at the peak of her career broke, some questioned if it was a smart move as she would likely be so preoccupied with her baby that she would have to slow down on the work front. With her bundle of joy well into his terrible twos, the 29-year-old has opened up about her experience as a young mother.

She said, “I don’t think you need to prepare a lot before giving birth. I feel really happy when I think of the fact that in 20 years, my child will be all grown up and able to look after me.”

Having wed Huang Xiaoming at the age of 25, Angelababy also pointed out that there is nothing wrong with women wanting to have children at a young age, “especially if you’ve found the right person for you” and have tied the knot.

Lastly, Angelababy addressed the misconception that all pregnant women have a hard time during the nine months when they are carrying their unborn child. She pointed out that not everyone puts on an equal amount of weight when pregnant, and that there are some who have a much easier time than others. She suggested taking particular care of what you eat and to do appropriate exercises in order to better enjoy being pregnant.

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