Angelababy slammed for treatment of her assistant

Photos circulating the web captured the model-actress getting her staff to wear her shoes and socks for her

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Angelababy's every action has always been under close scrutiny from the public, with mundane topics such as her getting a haircut making headlines.

The model-actress has made the news for an entirely different reason in recent days, as photos of her allegedly getting her assistant to put on her shoes and socks for her are making the rounds on the internet. 

The photos, in which the staff member's face is mostly obscured by her hair, sees the unidentified lady squatting on the floor and helping a lady in white, allegedly Angelababy, to change her footwear. The woman in white did not bend down at any time and waited for the other lady to help her with the changing of her shoes, which caused outrage among some netizens.

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Some snidely asked Angelababy how much she pays her assistant for her to be subjected to such treatment, while others pointed out that Angelababy's "princess behaviour" was a sure sign that fame has gone to her head and that even bending down to put on her own shoes has become something beneath her.

Others, however, pointed out that Angelababy could have been in the midst of filming something and had to ensure that her clothes and hair would not be affected by bending over, sharing that this could very well be a common occurrence at film sets.

Angelababy has yet to respond to the speculation at press time.

Photos: PBE Media

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