Angelababy slammed for being a spoilsport

The actress was thought to have received a lighter forfeit on ‘Keep Running’

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Chinese variety show Keep Running, the remake of Korean variety show Running Man, is an entertainment programme where celebrity hosts and guests play games and complete missions to win a race. When they fail to complete missions, they will be subjected to various forfeits, which include getting doused in water or getting thrown into a pool of water.

In a recent episode of the show aired on May 18, Chinese actress Angelababy, who is a fixed cast member on the series, was slammed by netizens for putting on airs during the show.

Netizens noticed that the 29-year-old was receiving a lighter forfeit compared to her co-hosts, as she was only doused in water once during gameplay, while her fellow hosts were thrown into the pool multiple times.

The actress took to Weibo earlier today (May 21) to respond to the negative comments directed towards her, and explained that she was not feeling well during filming as she was on her first day of period.

“All I can do now is to accept the criticisms as they are and motivate myself to do better,” she wrote, “In the past, I continued to participate in water punishments even when I’m on my period. This time round, it was more uncomfortable for me because it was the first day of my period.”

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“I never once mentioned that I have to be excused from water forfeits just because I’m having my period,” she added. “If I didn’t want to take part, I would have pulled out in the first place instead of sticking through with it.”

The actress also revealed that many staff members of the show stepped out to clear her name, which left her “very heartened”.

Her fellow co-host, Chinese actor Deng Chao, also showed his support over Weibo, and wrote, “Among all of us on the show, this lady (Angelababy) is the one who gives her all.”

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