Angelababy’s missing wedding ring stirs up divorce rumours again

The latest sighting of the model-actress has added fuel to the fire of the speculations surrounding her marriage to Huang Xiaoming.


Hong Kong model-actress Angelababy, who tied the knot with Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming in a fairy-tale wedding four years ago, made an appearance at the airport yesterday (October 6) without her wedding ring, stirring up divorce rumours once again.

Pictures of the 31-year-old at Shanghai Pudong International Airport without her wedding ring have been spreading like wildfire online. This comes after repeated reports by the Chinese media alleging that Angelababy and Xiaoming have long since agreed to divorce, but have been keeping it under wraps in order to avoid paying hefty penalty fees to the companies who have engaged their services as a couple to promote their products.

According to the media present, Angelababy, who donned a mask and sunglasses, looked visibly tired and headed straight for the boarding gate at the airport. While the media is speculating that the absence of the model-actress’s ring signifies the end of her marriage to Xiaoming, Angelababy’s fans have stepped up to clear the air on her behalf.

“It could’ve been that it wasn’t convenient for her to wear her ring to an event,” one commented, while another fan shared that she personally "doesn’t like wearing her ring” as well.

Previously, Angelababy had also refuted rumours of divorce, sharing that she does not feel bothered by reports speculating about the state of her marriage. Xiaoming has also stated that he will be taking legal action against reports claiming that his marriage to Angelababy is in trouble.

The couple has a two-year-old son, nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’ together.

Photos: PBE Media

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