Angelababy praised for protecting her son at the airport

Unfortunately, ‘Little Sponge’ didn’t get the memo

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Angelababy has made no secret of her adoration for her son, a two-year-old nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’. Since he was born, he’s followed her on most of her overseas trips, reportedly because she can’t bear to be away from her baby.

In the midst of renewed rumours that she and her husband Huang Xiaoming are on the verge of a divorce, there has been even more media attention on the couple’s every move.

This was probably why she decided to take extra measures to protect her son’s privacy during her most recent appearance at the Shanghai airport on July 7. Even though she tried to dress down, she was instantly recognised by most of the other travellers at the airport.

The actress looked to be heading to the departure area on her own, but a sudden shout of, ‘Mama!’ from the back alerted the public to the fact that her son was there with her.

The staff members who were looking after Little Sponge tried to quiet him down, saying that his mother would be walking ahead of them for now. Undeterred, he asked, “Why is she walking ahead of us?” in Mandarin and “Where is (mummy) going?” in English, which caused Angelababy to turn around to sneak a glance at him.

However, Angelababy maintained her composure quickly and walked even more quickly to the gate so that Little Sponge would not gain even more attention.

Her actions have been praised by netizens, calling her a good mother who has her child’s every interest at heart.

Photos: PBE Media

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