Angelababy gets flak for messing up during hosting gig

The model-actress made numerous mistakes, including mispronouncing a fellow celeb’s name


Zhejiang Television’s annual Autumn Gala Concert, which was held on October 19, saw a star studded roster of emcees which included model-actress Angelababy, actresses Guan Xiaotong and Nana Ouyang.

However, Angelababy’s hosting abilities have drawn much criticism from netizens, who were unsatisfied with the 30-year-old’s multiple gaffes.

Due to her nerves, the actress messed up her very first line, mispronouncing the name of a sponsor. After realising her mistake, Angelababy froze up, checking at her cue card before correcting her mistake.

Later, while she was introducing the next guests to take the stage, Angelababy mispronounced another name. This time, it was the surname of actor-singer Neo Hou, whose Chinese name is Hou Minghao. Angelababy seemed to have confused Neo’s name with Justin Huang, who’s a member of the boyband NEX7. Justin shares the same Chinese name with Neo, with the only difference being their surnames.

Fans of Neo were displeased with Angela’s mistake, claiming that the actress was “unprofessional” and that she had “disrespected" their idol.

After the concert, Angelababy posted a picture taken together with Neo and Justin, apologising for her mistake.

“Neo, I’m sorry for summoning another Minghao instead,” she wrote in her caption. Neo later reposted Angelababy’s post, adding, “Double Minghao, (our initials) both spell HMH anyway, Baby jie, rest well!”


Photos: PBE Media

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