Angelababy caught up in cheating rumours with co-star

Chinese actor Deng Lun’s work studio has stepped forward to deny the claims


Hong Kong actress Angelababy tied the knot with her husband, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming in an extravagant wedding ceremony in 2015. Since then, the couple has welcomed their first child, a son nicknamed ‘Little Sponge’. 

However, in January this year, rumours began spreading that Angelababy and Xiaoming had called it quits, with a myriad of different reasons offered for their split. 

Some reports claimed that Xiaoming was being investigated for tax evasion following Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal. Thus, to protect herself, Angelababy requested for a divorce from Xiaoming, and will not be contesting for custody of their son. 


Last month, new reports emerged, claiming that the 30-year-old is currently in a relationship with her My True Friend co-star, Chinese actor Deng Lun. Yesterday (April 16), a netizen shared that they had seen a video of Angelababy getting intimate with Deng Lun in a car.

The video in question was shared privately on their friend circle in Weibo. The netizen then posted a text post relaying what they had seen, asking if the video was “true or false”. 

Another netizen claimed that they had been accused of defaming Deng Lun by the actor himself after reposting the video of Angelababy and the actor in a car, and forced to delete the post.

Soon after, Deng Lun’s work studio posted a short reminder online, asking fans to stop “pairing Deng Lun up” with other celebrities. They also asked fans to refrain from posting false information online, to prevent running into trouble with the law.

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