Angela Chang’s family feud has been thrown into the spotlight once again. In 2009, Angela and her mum, Jiang Rouyi, had a very public falling out over money matters. Things turned ugly as her father, Zhang Zhihong, and her maternal uncle, Jiang Lile, dragged Angela’s name through the mud, vilifying her as an "unfilial daughter". Angela’s parents also accused her of being "cold-blooded" for abandoning them and refusing to support them financially. In response, Angela held a press con where she accused her mother of absconding with millions of her hard-earned money. The allegations forced Angela, who was enjoying a successful career at that time, to lay low for nearly a decade. 

Now that Angela’s career has picked up again following her stellar performance on Chinese singing competition Singer 2018, her family seems bent on doing her in again. Recently, on May 26, Angela’s father and uncle hurled fresh allegations against the singer. In an exclusive interview with Apple Daily, Angela’s uncle accused the 36-year-old Taiwanese singer of abandoning her parents and breaching an agreement of giving her parents NT$60,000 (S$2,700) in living expenses every month, as well as buying a house for each of them. Her uncle claimed that she has yet to make good on those promises, and even threatened to ruin her career in China.

The 61-year-old Jiang Lile claimed his 58-year-old sister aka Angela's mum was driven to seek out a living in Vietnam where she teaches others how to cook for a paltry NT$12,000 (S$530) every month. Angela’s 62-year-old father has an unstable income as he does sales for a living. Not only that, but he has also racked up a debt of NT$500,000 to NT$600,000 (S$22,300 to $26,700). As he was in ill health, he had tried applying for a disability assistance of NT$4,000 (S$180) per month, but was turned down as his daughter’s income was too high. On a good month, his earnings would exceed NT$10,000 (S$440), but his rental is NT$7,000 to NT$8,000 (S$310 to S$350), which makes it impossible to make ends meet. He even had no money to pay his health insurance and hence, had his card locked. When he had no money, he survived on a piece of toast for three days. 

Jiang Lile said that he decided to come forward ’cos he felt sorry for his siblings being reduced to such a down-and-out state in their sunset years. He condemned Angela for not giving her parents a single cent, despite having once said that she gives them living expenses. He demanded for her to show proof. When asked by Apple Daily on what he’d like to say to Angela, Jiang Lile said, “Kneel down in front of your parents and kowtow to admit to your mistake. [Your mum] carried you in her womb for 10 months, and painstakingly groomed you to become a singer. Yet you treat your parents in this way. You didn’t buy them a house each, but claimed you did. You didn’t transfer any money to them but claimed you did. If you did, I’d kneel down. If you didn’t, then you should be the one to kneel down.” To nail home his point, Angela’s uncle then pointed to Zhang Zhihong’s run-down motorcycle in the distance, and said it was an abject state in comparison to Angela’s rhinestone-embellished Mercedes-Benz. He added that he intends to sue her for abandoning her parents.

Besides Angela, the singer’s younger brother as well as her sister Connie (who is also Angela’s manager) have also cut off contact with their parents after the 2009 family saga. Her parents reportedly divorced after her mother had an affair. At the time of the report, Angela was working in China. The singer has not yet responded to any of the accusations. Despite Angela’s family repeated attempts to paint her as “unfilial”, netizens have rallied in support of the singer and slammed her father and uncle for their “ulterior motives” and attempts to derail the singer’s career again. Taiwanese veteran star Denny Tsao has also spoken up for the star, saying about her family drama, “If there’s an artiste in the family, the rest of the family are useless people.” 

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