Angela Chang: It’s hard to make true friends in showbiz

The singer admitted that she has been hurt by fellow celebrities in the past

angela chang

Former BFFs Christine Fan and Angela Chang’s infamous falling out in 2010 is still not a thing of the past, as Angela’s recent comments on talk show The Real One further fueled speculation that there is a juicy story that the ex-friends have yet to tell.

As a guest on The Real One, Angela was asked about her showbiz friends, to which she sighed before answering, “It’s really hard to make true friends in showbiz.” This prompted more discussion about the topic, as they asked her if she had been hurt by someone whom she treats as a friend in the past.

Without skipping a beat, she said, “Of course!” but declined to give a hint about who the person is. Netizens immediately guessed that if she had mentioned Christine’s surname, it would be too obvious as Fan is a lesser-seen last name in the industry.

In addition, Angela shared that when she was at her lowest, she realised who the fair-weather friends in her life are. “At the time, those who still kept in contact were far and few between, and those who were in a corner pointing and laughing were plentiful,” she mused.

When her company was contacted for a statement, they declined to comment as they said that they hope to focus on the singer’s music, and would not comment on her personal matters.

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