Angela Chang, Christine Fan’s 8-year feud continues

Are the two former-friends exchanging barbs once more?

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Taiwanese singer Angela Chang recently guested on an episode of the talk show, Roast, where she was the subject of a ‘roasting session’, with the other guests poking fun at her. The 36-year-old also joined in the fun, roasting herself, and retorting to some of the roasts.

When the issue of her “purposefully tacking on encouraging lyrics and meanings” to her songs came out, Angela shot back, “Please, I don’t shoehorn in encouragements, I’m just naturally encouraging.”

She shared that she has braved through a number of storms when it comes to her personal and professional life. “There’s this phrase, ‘you should thank those who injure you, because they’ve allowed you to become stronger’, but I just want to say that an injury is still an injury. Without this hurt in my life, I’ll still become stronger, because I’m not just naturally full of encouragements, I’m innately strong-minded (as well).”

Angela also addressed the whisperings that she has few friends in the entertainment industry.

“It's not that I don’t have a lot of friends, rather, it’s that I have a different definition of what constitutes a friend. Although the road ahead will be easier to travel down with more friends, but I don’t need friends to help me repair the road, I have my own wings,” she said, referencing her hit song, ‘Invisible Wings’.

The singer’s cool and collected demeanour throughout the 10-minute roast session drew the admiration of netizens, who commended her for taking the roasts in her stride, and even shooting back a number of quips.

 However, a number of netizens also suspected that Angela was referring to her long-standing feud with her former friend, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, when she talked about her friends in the industry.

After the episode aired, Christine posted a short statement online, writing, “I did not betray (the) friendship, you don’t know me, I’m really sad that you said that.” Though she did not reveal who her statement was directed towards, many guessed that it was in response to Angela’s words on Roast.

Christine and Angela were previously from the same company, Linfair Records, and used to be very good friends, even collaborating on two songs together. However, there were rumours that the two fell out due to competition for the same resources from the company and this conflict was not resolved even after Angela left the label. 

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