On Monday (May 6), Chinese actor Andy Zhang issued a second clarification on his personal Weibo account to address the continued reports that he is cheating on his wife, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung, with his manager.

His clarification was posted after reports claiming that his wife, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung is “gathering evidence” to prove that he was indeed cheating on her with his female manager, Bi Ying. 

Catherine’s son, 19-year-old Ashley Zhang, was also named in the reports, after it was discovered that he had deleted all pictures and mention of Andy from his personal Weibo. Catherine had done the same thing earlier last month, when the first reports claiming that Andy was cheating first emerged.

In his clarification, the 38-year-old pleaded for everyone to leave his family alone, writing, “Will you only be satisfied once our family has been broken beyond repair? Is this the result that you want?”

“I really didn’t wish to say anything because everything that should have been said has already been addressed by my work studio,” Andy wrote. “This is not the first time something like this has happened. The same thing happened last year. It’s just a couple of very ordinary photographs that were blown out of proportion, forcing my wife and I to come out and explain every little detail to everyone.”

He then continued on by sharing that he was “surprised" to know that he had been tailed by the paparazzi, as he was “just an ordinary actor”. Andy also emphasised that he did not wish to address the issue, believing that it would blow over soon.

However, things soon escalated to a point where he decided to seek legal action. The actor continued that he will definitely share the results of the legal investigation with the public.


As for the issue of Catherine remaining mum on the reports, as well as deleting all pictures with Andy from her personal Weibo, the actor shared that the couple were in the midst of a big argument then, which was why she deleted everything. 

“I believe that arguments will happen between every couple. This is a matter that only involves the two of us. If you’re not involved, do not assume what you don't know anything about," he wrote.

“What basis do you have to comment on our family? Neither we nor our friends know you. What rights do you have to nitpick and criticise me? Stay in your own lane,” he continued.

The actor also added that Ashley, who is currently training to become an idol group member, had to delete everything from his personal Weibo at the request of the entertainment agency he is under. Andy also implored for the media and netizens to “have some decency”, and leave Ashley alone.


Finally, he shared that the manager that he was accused of having a relationship with, Bi Ying, will no longer be working with him. “She knows that this has affected me negatively and has tendered her resignation. She’s currently handing over her duties (to other staff members),” he wrote.

“Everything that you wanted me to clarify had been addressed. Please do not harm me or my family any longer. It’s not easy for everyone involved,” he concluded.

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