Andy Zhang backs out of upcoming movie

The actor was reportedly unable to film due to "personal reasons"


Reports claiming that Chinese actor Andy Zhang was cheating on his wife of 10 years, Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung first started emerging in early April this year. The reports, which alleged that the actor was cheating with his female manager, Bi Ying, were accompanied by pictures of Bi Ying entering and exiting the actor’s hotel room. 

The reports were later denied by Andy, who issued a statement through his personal work studio, sharing that legal action will be taken against the media outlets.

Last week, pictures of the actor at a wrap party for an upcoming drama were released. Netizens later discovered that Bi Ying was present at the wrap party as well, and seemed to be unaffected by the reports. Angered, many then went on to leave disparaging comments on the original post. The picture with Bi Ying was later removed from the post.

On April 26, it was reported that Andy has backed out of an upcoming period movie in which he was supposed to play the lead character.

Last December, Andy was announced as the lead character at the movie's press conference. However, he was nowhere to be seen during the movie’s lensing ceremony on April 22, and there has been no official statement explaining his absence.

The production crew later shared that Andy was unable to take part in filming for the movie due to personal reasons. Chinese actor Ashton Chen will be playing the lead role instead. Andy also sent in a recorded video message that was played during the event. In the video, he relayed his congratulations to the cast and crew, showing his support for the movie.

Photos: Andy Zhang's Work Studio/Weibo

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