Andy Zhang and manager "unaffected" by cheating allegations

The actor’s manager was all smiles in a recent picture taken at Andy's filming site


In early April, reports of Chinese actor Andy Zhang cheating on his wife emerged. He has been married to Hong Kong actress Catherine Hung for 10 years, and his mistress is said to be his female manager, Bi Ying.

The reports were accompanied by pictures of Bi Ying entering and exiting Andy’s room in the wee hours of the night, often staying for hours on end. Catherine had also deleted all pictures of her and Andy together from her Weibo account, adding fuel to the fire.

However, 12 days after the reports were published, Andy issued a denial through his personal work studio. He added that they are in the process of taking legal action against the media outlets.

While Catherine has yet to comment on the reports, it seems that everything has settled down for Andy, who recently finished filming his latest project. One of Andy’s co-stars, Chinese actress Zhao Ruyan, posted a number of pictures from the wrap party on her Weibo, with one attracting the attention of netizens.

In the picture, Bi Ying, who is surrounded by other female workers, posed for a photo with a wide smile on her face. Netizens took offence to the fact that she was still working closely together with Andy, and that she seemed to be in good spirits and unaffected by the reports.

The picture was later deleted by Ruyan, but not before screenshots of it started circulating online.


One comment read, “Looks like Bi Ying holds quite an important position in the company (to still be able to be so close to Andy)." Others expressed their support for Andy, sharing that the actor doesn't need to feel ashamed or act differently if his conscience is clear.

Andy has since turned off the comments function on his personal Weibo and removed any mention of his manager from his personal biography. Previously, his personal bio contained the words, “Manager: Miss Bi”, but it has since been replaced by the email of Andy’s work studio.

Photos: PBE Media

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