Andy Lau spotted in economy class during flight to Penang

He is believed to have been accompanying his wife back to her hometown

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Andy Lau is known to be a doting husband and father, and has even gave up meat for his family.

On July 24, he was spotted on a Cathay Pacific flight out of Hong Kong and an eagle-eyed netizen posted a photo of him picking up his bags from the economy class section of the plane on social media. The photo quickly went viral on Weibo as many wondered why the Heavenly King was in cattle class.

The netizen who uploaded the comment later clarified that Andy was in first class, but came to economy class after the flight landed to grab his bags which were stowed in the overhead compartments of the economy section.

Others, however, mused that it was strange that he had his bags at the back of the plane when it could have been stowed nearer to his seat.

While Andy was reaching for his bags, he was praised for politely treating the other passengers and not requesting the help of the air crew to help him with his luggage.

Andy's wife, Malaysian beauty queen Carol Chu, is understood to be from Penang and was not spotted with him. The couple is believed to be travelling to her hometown together to visit her family, and netizens guessed that their daughter, 7-year-old Hanna, was likely on the flight as well.

Photos: PBE Media

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