You would think watching your kid graduate for the first time would be the most exciting of experiences if you were a parent. But for the parents of the graduating class of a kindergarten in Wanchai, Hongkong, it was exciting for a whole other reason. Their attention, it seemed, was set on someone else at the ceremony, which took place yesterday. That someone was Andy Lau whose daughter Hannah, six, was set to go on stage to receive her graduation cert.

According to those who were present, Andy, accompanied by his wife Carol Chu, had sneaked quietly into the auditorium when the school’s director was giving his speech. While the couple had thought that their entrance would go unnoticed, it ended up creating quite a stir as the audience, made up of parents, suddenly turned the focus of their camera phones from the stage to Andy.

Ever the consummate professional, Andy kept his smile on and didn’t seem to mind that the parents, some of whom were seen waving frantically at the star, were taking photos of him. Carol, on the other hand, had her eyes trained on the stage and was listening intently to the director’s speech.

When it was time for Hannah to receive her cert, Andy’s joy was palpable, the smile on his face wider than ever, while Carol went trigger happy with her camera. Hannah also put on a performance with the rest of her schoolmates which made the Laus beam with even more pride… along with the rest of the parents, all of whom who had calmed down and accepted the fact that there was a Heavenly King in their midst.

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