Andy Lau’s ‘swearing’ incident on TV clarified 25 years after it happened

The Heavenly King was heavily criticised in 1995 when the clip was aired.

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Calls for Heavenly King Andy Lau to be barred from appearing on television were made in 1995, when he was heard swearing on broadcast.

At the time, he was recording a programme for TVB, during which one of the segments was where several huge stars were doing a skit together. On the live stream, Andy was heard cussing, which led to outrage among the public who said that it was unseemly for him to be doing so.

The curse word in question is a Cantonese phrase that refers to cursing the other party’s entire family bad luck, and the station was soon inundated with calls for Andy to apologise. The singer-actor did so, but the stigma of having done what the public felt was “unforgiveable” stayed with him.

On a recent episode of talk show programme Super Followers, an industry insider brought up the topic after 25 years, and shared that Andy was forced to follow the script and curse accordingly by the production director.

The person added that they didn’t expect the backlash to be that great, but Andy took it in his stride and apologised for it multiple times despite knowing that he was not to blame for the incident. This caused those who knew the truth behind the incident to respect Andy even more, and shared that he was a true professional.

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