It used to seem like any sighting of Andy Lau’s five-year-old daughter Hanna was as precious as smooth traffic during peak hour. But these days, it kind of feels like the Heavenly King has sort of thrown in the towel when it comes to keeping his kid out of the public eye. Hongkong tabloid Next Magazine recently ran photos of a precocious-looking Hanna shopping at Hongkong’s IFC where she was surrounded by “numerous bodyguards” who watched her closely. They likened the scenario to “a princess leaving the palace to go on a tour”.

Dressed in a white tee and denim shorts, and her hair tied in a ponytail, the tabloid noted that Hanna looked more mature and taller than girls her age. She was also accompanied by a woman, believed to be her nanny, and the whole entourage headed straight to the Lanvin boutique.

According to Next, Hanna looked overjoyed browsing through the high fashion label’s pieces and reportedly had a lot to say about every outfit she looked at. When one of her bodyguards picked up a white-coloured kid’s jacket, Hanna reportedly nodded and smiled. After she was done perusing the clothes, she headed for the fragrance section. She then rubbed some perfume on her wrists before breathing in the scent, you know, like how adults do. They reportedly shopped at Lanvin for half an hour before making their way to the Four Seasons Hotel where a car was waiting for Hanna.

Prior to her IFC sighting, Hanna was recently spotted with her mum, Carol Chu, at the airport where the kid was seen applying moisturiser to her hands after a meal. Did we mention that she’s only five?

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