Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Michael Miu, and many more attended a press conference to promote their new film The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords in Hong Kong on March 18.

With no shortage of action scenes in the script, Louis revealed that everyone working on the film was very worried that Andy would hurt himself again as shooting took place just as his waist injury was fully healed. Andy shared that he tried to be as careful as possible, but some of his actions still scared the poor crew members.

According to Louis, director Herman Yau purposely arranged for him to share some scenes with a bevy of foreign beauties in the film. "He wanted us to have some physical contact," Louis said shyly. "I told him that if he has any requests, ask the ladies instead of me. If they are okay with it, then I will be okay with it as well."

One of the highlights of the film is a car chase scene in the subway. Andy explained that the director hoped to offer something fresh to audiences. "If we shot the scene on the street or in a parking lot, it would have been too boring," he said.

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