Andy Lau reveals that he got snubbed by Lin Chi-ling

His status as a Heavenly King didn’t automatically earn him an invitation to her wedding

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The buzz around Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling’s wedding on November 17 is far from dying down. Heavenly King Andy Lau has joined the fray, revealing in an interview this week that he was snubbed by Chi-ling and didn’t receive an invitation to her nuptials.

Chi-ling and Akira’s wedding was a hush-hush affair, with the super exclusive guest list only consisting of 12 tables of guests. As a result, many of her showbiz friends were unable to attend. Those lucky enough to receive an invite include Dee Hsu, Wang Leehom and Mickey Huang.

After news of her wedding was revealed, Andy bemoaned that he waited for his invite to arrive, only for his hopes to be dashed. Not to be deterred, he called Chi-ling to discuss the matter with her.

He then sighed that despite his best efforts, he was not extended an invitation. Andy shared that Chi-ling told him that all eyes would be on him if he attended her wedding. “Lin Chi-ling has changed,” he declared. “She’s so petty!”

Netizens were tickled pink by this tale, as Chi-ling and Andy have been known to be close since working on 2013 movie Switch. One wrote, “Andy Lau can probably get an invitation to anywhere he wants in the world! Except to Lin Chi-ling’s wedding.” Others pointed out that their friendship seems unaffected by this, and wondered what Andy gifted the couple as a wedding present.

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