Andy Lau On MC For 3 Months After Falling From Horse

Get well soon, Andy!

Poor Andy Lau. The 56-year-old Heavenly King suffered a pelvic injury after falling from a horse in Thailand on Wednesday (Jan 18). He was in the country to film a commercial for a drink brand when the accident happened. Earlier reports had said that the horse had stepped on Andy’s waist, fracturing his spine.
Andy arrived back in Hongkong on Jan 19 and is said to be seeking treatment at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. It’s said that road closures were set up between the airport and the hospital in anticipation for the star’s arrival — a sign of Andy’s star power. Over a hundred journalists had also camped out outside the hospital, hoping to snap a pic of Andy.

andy lau stretcher
Andy arriving at the hospital on Jan 19. 

According to reports, he had arrived at the hospital at 1am, causing a massive media scrum. Hospital staff reportedly had to ask the journalists to give space when they pulled the stretcher with Andy on it out of the ambulance. It’s said that his wife, former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Choo, followed him closely.
In a statement posted on his fan site, Andy wrote that he had sustained “lacerations to his pelvic bone” after “a little accident”. He also added: “All is well with me. Please don’t worry.”
Andy’s doctors have since revealed to reporters that while the star does not need to go under the knife, he has to be fitted with a cast. But those close to the Andy have said that he does not intend on getting a cast and instead will seek the help of a bonesetter. It has also been reported that Andy will be taking a break from work for three months to recuperate.  
So here’s wishing the Heavenly King, who's known to be one of showbiz's hardest workers, a speedy recovery. And Andy, maybe it’s time to go slow on the dangerous stunt work? You are pushing 60 after all. 


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