Andy Lau was previously confirmed to make his comeback with The White Storm 2, which saw many fans rejoicing at the news that the Hong Kong Heavenly King was finally well enough to jump back into work again.

He injured himself last January in Thailand after falling off a horse and went through over a year’s worth of therapy before being declared fit for work again. His first official work appearance was on July 22, where the cast of The White Storm 2, including Louis Koo, Michael Miu, Chrissie Chau and Cherrie Ying were also present for the film’s lensing ceremony.

The movie crew prepared a set that looked like a Hong Kong MTR station, and the cast light-heartedly joked that Andy should bring his daughter to take the subway as well, causing the actor to retort that they were “busybodies”. This caused much laughter on set, which lightened up the mood as well.

Fans were also treated to photos from Cherrie, who took a selfie with Andy while they were at the lensing ceremony, to which fans responded that Andy never seems to age, and that they will be eagerly anticipating the day when this movie will debut in cinemas.

Photos: PBE Media

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