Andy Lau makes full recovery from throat infection

The concert organisers are making arrangements to reschedule the cancelled concerts

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Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau had to cancel seven concerts last week when he came down with a flu and a subsequent throat infection unexpectedly.

At the December 28 concert, Andy made the heartbreaking announcement three songs in, tearing up as he explained his condition, and revealed that the concert will be ending after the fourth song. However, the 57-year-old’s announcement was met with widespread support from fans and fellow celebrities alike, with many posting online to wish Andy a speedy recovery.

On Wednesday (January 2), Andy left a message on his official fanclub's website, sharing that he has been discharged from the hospital.

“Really… very sorry, my deepest apologies once again to everyone who was affected (by the cancellations)! My body condition has stabilised, and I’ll be discharged this afternoon! I’ll be in the pink of health again soon enough! Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! In your hearts! Happy new year!” Andy wrote.

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Following Andy’s post, the concert organisers also shared on Facebook that they understand that fans had been looking forward to Andy’s first concert tour after eight years. Thus, in addition to preparing for refunds, they’re also looking into ways to hold a replacement concert for those who were affected.

The earliest open slot for the Hong Kong Coliseum, where the concerts were originally scheduled to be held at, is at the end of 2019. Thus, the organisers have sent in an application to book the venue for the end of the year. Affected concertgoers will then have the option to either attend the rescheduled concerts, or opt for a refund.

However, in the event that the venue application falls through, the organisers will immediately proceed with refunds. There will be an update regarding the venue application by the end of the month.

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