Andy Lau attended a press conference to promote their upcoming film Find Your Voice in Hong Kong on March 20.

In the movie, the singer-actor plays a renowned conductor who comes out of seclusion to lead a group of choir students to participate in a music project. According to the young actors playing the students, they did not know that Andy would be playing the conductor until they were almost done with their training. Needless to say, they were extremely surprised when they found out.

Andy admitted that the most challenging part of his role was having to remember the positions of all the students. He also confessed that his young co-stars knew more about music than he did, and that he sometimes needed to ask them questions and learned a lot from them.

Actress Rachel Lee (formerly known as Loletta Lee), who has had a turbulent love life thanks to her on-and-off relationship with director Calvin Poon, shared that she was going through a very hard time while shooting this movie, but she believes that "working is the best medicine".

When asked if she has managed to let go of the past and move on, she said that what's done is done, and that she no longer wants to think about unhappy things, or even about falling in love again.

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