Andy Lau is Sammi Cheng's work husband

The duo often star alongside each other as a couple in films


After being in showbiz for 30 years, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng has starred in her fair share of television dramas and movies. Of the many actors that she has worked with, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau, is undoubtedly the fan favourite, with the duo having acted alongside each other nine times. 

Having collaborated so many times, it goes without saying that Sammi and Andy have developed much chemistry with each other. On Saturday (March 23), Sammi posted a picture on her Instagram account, sharing more about a “fated meeting” that she had in a lift.

The 46-year-old revealed that she was in the lift earlier that day when it stopped suddenly, only to reveal Andy himself on the other side of the doors, waiting for the lift.

“To think that we were able to meet under such unlikely circumstances!,” the actress exclaimed in her caption. “Is this fate, or something that was arranged by God, I’m really in disbelief,” she continued.


Looking back on their 20-year friendship, Sammi wrote, “This bond of ours is unshakeable. We've acted alongside each other, and faced the problem of losing our voices before concerts together. Perhaps this is the heavens helping us be more familiar with each other, (and) our individual feelings. Thus, we can encourage each other, to continue on this path.”

Posting a picture of the two of them on set during one of their many collaborations, Sammi mused, “This has brought me back to the days when I was Kinki and he was Andy (their characters in the 2000 film, Needing You…), I was Mini Mo and he was Fatso (in the 2001 film Love on a Diet), I was Goldie Ho Ka Tung and he was Johnston Chong See Tun (in the 2013 film Blind Detective), as well as Mr and Mrs To (in the 2004 film Yesterday Once More)."

Ever since Needing You… Sammi and Andy have played a married couple multiple times. In an interview, Andy also remarked on their multiple collaborations, saying, “Once this particular person appears in a movie, you’d know straightaway that that person’s my wife. That particular someone is none other than Sammi!”.

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