Andy Lau attended the PHAB Walk for Integration x Sports Day charity event in Hong Kong on February 17.

The singer-actor, who hurt his waist in his infamous horse-riding accident in 2017, says seeing the beneficiaries made him think about his own period of recuperation.

"Sometimes you think you are stronger than others, but after hearing about their experiences, you learn that they are much stronger than you!" he shared. "I don't wish for anyone to go through what I did, and please understand that encouragement is very important [for recovery]."

Despite going through hardships in the past, Andy said that he will continue having an optimistic attitude. "Life is like that! Bad things are bound to happen sometimes. Moving forward, all I can do is to be more careful," he said.

When asked how he spent the Lunar New Year holidays, Andy shared that he celebrated it with his family at home, and his daughter received many red packets. However, he does not know how much she got as they have yet to open them.

Earlier this year, Andy was forced to cancel several concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum due to a throat infection. However, he revealed that he has already submitted an application to perform there again. "If the application is successful, we will have replacement shows, but if not, I will try again in March or April."

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