Andy Lau faces his fear of horses for new movie

The Heavenly King suffered serious injuries following a fall from a horse in 2017


Two years ago, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau fell from a horse whilst filming a commercial in Bangkok, sustaining serious injuries. After close to six months of rest and recuperation, the Heavenly King made a full recovery, and has since returned to work.

With his latest movie, The White Storm 2 - Drug Lords opening in cinemas this month, Andy has been making the rounds to promote his latest film. In a recent interview with Taiwanese host Mickey Huang, the actor sent out a video message to his fans, imploring for them to catch the movie in theatres, as it’s his first film since his recovery.

As Andy’s character in the movie is involved in the horse-racing business, the actor had to film a scene alongside a number of horses. Though he did not have to ride them, Andy still had to hold on to the reins of the horses for a picture.


The 57-year-old shared that he did not object to the filming of the scene, although he was afraid. 

“When I was filming, I thought that I was very close to the horses, but when I watched the movie, I realised that I was actually very far away,” he revealed to Mickey. There were a number of action scenes that Andy had to film as well. As he had not driven in a number of years, some of the scenes which required him to race a car was handled by stunt doubles.

However, all the other scenes were done by Andy himself, which caused his wife, former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Choo, to worry. But, all the scenes were eventually completed safely, with no injuries sustained by the actor-singer.

Photos: PBE Media

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