Hong Kong Heavenly King Andy Lau made a much-anticipated comeback with a series of concerts via his My Love Andy Lau World Tour 2018. This is his first concert tour after he canned his 2016 year-end shows due to injuries sustained from a fall from a horse during filming.

The stars came out in full force for Andy’s ‘comeback’ and were spotted enjoying the concert with the crowd. Those who attended his concert include Hong Kong actors Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Ron Ng and Law Kar-ying, to name a few. 

Andy’s parents, his Malaysia former beauty queen wife Carol Chu and their daughter Hanna were also present at the concert, making it the 6-year-old’s first appearance at a public event. This is the first time Hanna is seen in public due to Andy’s protective stance towards the media publishing photos exposing his daughter’s looks. 

According to Hong Kong media, the 57-year-old was once offered a seven-figure sum by a media outlet who was keen to purchase pictures of Hanna, but he turned them down.

Hanna and Carol were seated behind several Hong Kong actors at the venue, and pictures taken by the media revealed her face for the first time. The 6-year-old, who is named ‘Liu Xiang Hui’ had big round eyes and a sharp nose, and was a spitting image of her father.

Andy’s comeback concerts have been marred by a spate of negative news, from a crew member getting injured during the set-up and his ongoing lawsuit in Taiwan courts, to the reported stabbing incident that took place when his fans were queueing for tickets.

Photos: PBE Media

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