Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau has been in action for more than a year due to his injuries sustained after he fell off a horse on set and there is a strong demand for tickets to his highly-anticipated year-end concerts in the resale ticket market. 

Things got out of hand last Sunday when a Chinese man, who had been queuing in line for a week, was stabbed by four suspected triad members. According to Hong Kong reports, he was second in line and was not there to buy tickets for himself, his family or friends. It was reported that the victim was there to queue on someone else's behalf and said person was supposed to come and take over his spot on Sunday.

At the wrap party for his comeback movie project The White Storm 2, Andy shared that tickets to his concerts will only be made available for purchase online, taking into account the safety of his fans. 

"We want to prevent any bodily harm so it may be better if queuing is not required... but not having physical queues can also be a problem, we just have to take it one step at a time and resort to extreme measure in extreme times. This (the decision to sell tickets online) cannot change [what happened] with just my concert alone and everyone needs to think about it because more problems will surface.

"I hope that singers and organisers can come together to think of alternative solutions," he said.

Andy also confirmed that he does not intend to add any more dates on top of the pre-scheduled 20 shows. "My injuries are only slightly better and I'm unable to do more than 20 shows. What if I'm unable to cope after we add more shows? Plus Jacky Cheung will be doing shows [at the same venue] too, so it'll be very stressful." 

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