Andy Lau caught up in legal battle over image rights

The singer-actor was falsely listed as an ambassador of a water purifier brand


Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau has filed a lawsuit against a water purifier manufacturer, who used the 57-year-old’s pictures to claim that he had endorsed their product.

After debuting for 37 years, many of Andy’s songs can be considered classics, like ‘Forget Love Potion’. As a result, an unscrupulous water purifier manufacturer used pictures of Andy to claim that he had endorsed their products. Apart from using Andy’s image on their online website, they also did the same on a billboard in China.

 As a result, the singer-actor is currently suing them for RMB$2 million (approximately SGD$405,244) in compensation. He also requested for an apology from the manufacturer. The case was tried in court on Monday (February 25).

However, on the day of the hearing, the water purifier manufacturer argued that they had obtained the rights to use Andy’s image from another company. Therefore, they claimed that had not broken any laws nor infringed on Andy’s rights. They added that even if they did infringe on his rights, they did not cause any loss to Andy or his company. Thus, they felt that the compensation Andy sought from them was too high. 

As of press time, the court case is still pending.

Photos: PBE Media

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