Andy Lau Can Walk Again... But Only With A Crutch

It will take another six months before he can meet with the public.

Andy Lau might not have been able to join the cast to promote his new movie Shock Wave. But the actor sure made his presence felt.

At the movie’s premiere in China, the 55-year-old assured fans via a pre-recorded footage not to worry about him as he’s recovering well. In the video, he said, “I’ve been exercising every day. I do 10 stand-ups daily for about 10 minutes each time. But I still have to rely on a crutch to help me walk.”

Although Andy also revealed that he still can’t run or jump like before, and that it’d take another one to two months before he can do so, he said: “I should be able to recover soon. So don’t worry too much.” The film director said that Andy needs plenty of rest as he’s currently in the critical recovery stage of his injury, and that he will only be able to meet his fans in six months’ time.

andy lau crutch

Days earlier, at the premiere of his film in Hongkong, Andy had posted on his official website a pic (see above) of him standing with the help of a crutch, alongside an image of him on the set of Shock Wave. The Heavenly King wrote: “Just do it!” He also cheekily warned his fans “not to change lines” and go and support other artistes just ’cos they weren’t able to see him temporarily. His manager confirmed that he’s now able to walk using a crutch.

It has been three months since Andy has been out of action. The actor was hospitalised for 53 days after sustaining injuries from falling off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand.

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