An episode of TVB long-form drama Come Home Love: Lo and Behold recently featured a very obvious parody of Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong’s cheating scandal. In one scene, two characters were seen behaving intimately in the backseat of a car, which was secretly recorded by the driver and uploaded online, just like what happened in the real-life incident. The male character even held a press conference and uttered similar phrases as Andy did during his public apology.

Singer William So, who is a good friend of both Andy and Andy’s wife Sammi Cheng, was asked about this issue of art imitating life during an interview after his concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on June 22. He said that while he has not personally seen the episode, he believes that the couple is strong enough to deal with whatever comes their way, and that the situation will eventually blow over.

“I’m not afraid of people bringing up my own past, because it’s a fact that it happened,” he said, referring to the time he was busted for drug use in Taipei 17 years ago. “And Andy and Sammi are not the kind of people who will run away and hide from their problems. There’s no right or wrong in the show parodying the incident - in fact, the comments from netizens online are much worse!”

William then revealed that Sammi had originally planned to come to his concert to show her support. “I told her that I was afraid her appearance might cause some chaos, so she thought about it and decided not to come, but she’s been sending me encouraging text messages every night, so I’m very thankful to her for that.”

Photos: TPG, social media