Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui promoted his new single on a radio show on September 18.

"I haven't sung a Cantonese love song in a long time," he said, admitting that it was "very hard" to shoot the music video "with a soulful expression" because, "I had to wear a thick winter coat in the summer and try to open my small eyes as wide as I can. The director requested me to shed tears, but not sweat."

When the topic turned to his fitness, Andy said ,"I don't show off my muscles in the music videos, but I will upload photos on the internet. I will take pictures of each muscle. When I go water skiing, I don't want to have any excess fat to cover up."

Andy cancelled an activity a few days ago because of Typhoon Mangkhut. "My pet dog is afraid of lighting, and as a man, it's my duty to stay at home and protect my family," he said.

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