Andy Hui admits that he cheated on Sammi Cheng

The singer-actor apologised for letting his wife down


Yesterday (April 16), Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily released a dashboard video of Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui getting intimate with Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong in the backseat of a car. As Andy is married to Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, while Jacqueline is currently dating Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, the video took many by surprise.

On the very same day, Andy announced a press conference to address the video, where he admitted to cheating on Sammi and apologised for his actions. 

Shedding tears, Andy berated himself numerous times, describing himself as a “rotten person” “with no soul”.

“The purpose of today’s press conference is to personally apologise to everyone. I wish to offer my deepest apologies to my family, Sammi’s family, friends, and those who love me, because I’ve done an unforgivable deed. This mistake (has let me) reflect deeply upon myself, and the reason I’m here today is to undertake responsibility (for my actions). I did have a little too much to drink that night, but alcohol is definitely not an excuse for my actions. I’m filled with regret, and I know that I cannot escape (from the repercussions). I’m unable to face myself, nor accept myself,” he said during the press conference.


Continuing, he said, “After seeing the reports, I feel that I am extremely wrong, hateful, shameful and disgusting. I have reflected deeply on the reason for my mistake and why I was so lustful. I feel that I should bear the fallout now, and I will split it into two parts. For the first part, I will temporarily halt all my work activities, until I can find myself, and reexamine myself. As for the second part, it will focus on my mind. I feel that I do not understand the impact of my actions. Because of my behaviour, my mistake, my loved ones have to bear such stress and pain. I hope that in the days to come, those who have been hurt by me will have their wounds heal.”

“This report has let me reflect upon one point, and that is my most pertinent mistake, which is to lose track of myself. Lastly, I would like to apologise to everyone who has loved me, sorry for embarrassing you, I was wrong. I’d also like to apologise to Sammi, I don’t know how I should proceed on my own path now. Right now, I am soulless. I’m a rotten person, I hope everyone can give me some time to find myself again, I would like to apologise to everyone,” he concluded, amidst bouts of tears.

According to reports, Andy and Jacqueline were initially accompanied by a male friend in the first three minutes of the 16 minute video. After the male friend alights, Andy can be heard reassuring him that the duo will be heading off to different destinations. However, once they are alone in the car with the driver, Andy and Jacquline can be heard asking the driver to drive to just one destination instead. Throughout the ride, the duo also exchanged kisses numerous times, with their hands entwined. Jacqueline also reaches down to caress Andy’s thigh at one point.


Photos: PBE Media

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