And the Star Awards 2017 nominees aren’t…

Here’s who got snubbed.

Jeanette Aw - The Dream Job
Jesseca Liu - Hero
Rebecca Lim - You Can Be An Angel 2
Rui En - If Only I Could
Zoe Tay - You Can Be An Angel 2
SNUBBED! Where’s the love for Xiang Yun’s sure-footed performance as the motherly matriarch helming a family-owned TCM clinic in the 170-ep Peace & Prosperity? The TV veteran was not just the backbone of her onscreen family but the entire drama as well. Bummer.

Andie Chen - If Only I Could
Chen Hanwei - The Gentlemen
Pierre Png - The Gentlemen
Shaun Chen - Hero
Zhang Zhenhuan - The Dream Job
SNUBBED! Poor Elvin Ng. Was all that effort learning Hokkien for Eat Already? all for naught? Surely his role as a loathable good-for-nothing gambling addict in that dialect drama is deserving of a nom.

Aileen Tan - Hero
Bonnie Loo - Hero
Paige Chua - Hero
Pan Lingling - Hero
Ya Hui - House of Fortune
SNUBBED! Too bad she’s not eligible, but Tracy Lee’s uninhibited stab at playing an overbearing, snobbish high-flyer with bipolar disorder in Peace & Prosperity was so good, it made us want to pelt eggs at our TV screens each time she appeared. That’s a great thing, by the way.

Andie Chen - Hero
Chen Shucheng - Fire Up
Ian Fang - The Dream Job
Jeffrey Xu - Peace & Prosperity
Romeo Tan - The Dream Job
SNUBBED! Aloysius Pang in The Gentlemen. The actor certainly held his own as a bright-eyed, mousy lingerie designer alongside acting heavyweights, Chen Hanwei and Pierre Png.

C.L.I.F. 4
Fire Up
The Dream Job
You Can Be An Angel 2

SNUBBED! The Queen. The Jesseca Liu-starring female vigilante drama was not just a refreshing respite from the usual family-centric shows. Its fast pace also made it TV’s equivalent of a page-turner.

Bryan Wong - Hear Me Out 2
Desmond Ng - BENGpire
Guo Liang - Your Thoughts Please?
Lee Teng - The 4 Chefs
Quan Yifeng - Markets In Asia
SNUBBED! How on earth did first-time host Desmond get a nom over Pornsak and Vivian Lai? Okay, even if 2015’s Best Variety Show Host is starting to grate with his OTT hosting style, surely everyone’s favourite ditzy host, Viv, deserves some props?

Catch Star Awards 2017 – Walk of Fame on April 16, Sunday, 5.30pm, Ch 8. It will be followed by Star Awards 2017 at 7pm. 

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