Amber An, who turns 34 today (Sep 18), attended the grand opening of a luxury watch brand’s new store in Taipei yesterday (Sep 17), where she was asked about her plans to celebrate her birthday.

The Taiwanese actress shared that since it was her mother’s birthday that day, she would invite a few friends over to their house for dinner and a joint celebration. She had also prepared a huge birthday card, which she hopes will move their mother to tears.

At another event earlier on, Amber’s good friend and fellow Taiwanese actress Chia-ying Lee revealed that the former is a huge fan of South Korean actor Jo In Sung, and would look at his photo while jogging. Amber did not deny this, saying that whenever she feels like giving up, her manager would wave a photo of the heartthrob in front of her, giving her motivation to chase after “him”.

When asked if Jo In Sung is her ideal type, Amber said he was… until Cho Jung Seok came along. “I became attracted to him after watching his drama Jealousy Incarnate and his new film EXIT,” she explained, confessing with a laugh, “I cried in secret when I found out he got married last year!”

Photos: TPG

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