Taiwanese actress Amanda Chu is currently expecting her third child, a daughter, with her husband, singer Wesley Chia. On January 23, she attended a press conference in Taipei where she got candid about some problems she ran into during her pregnancy, which is in its fifth month.

"I have not gained much weight, but I've encountered all kinds of incidents," she said. For instance, she revealed that she suffered from placental abruption (the separation of the placenta from the uterus) after trying to lift heavy objects.

Another time, she fell down the stairs and started bleeding from her head, but because she was pregnant, she was unable to get an X-ray. "I only know that I suffered from a minor concussion," she said.

Amanda then revealed that Wesley, who is usually cool and calm, could not help but to cry and worry for his daughter. Fortunately, the baby was safe, and the actress could happily announce her pregnancy earlier this year.

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