Celebrity couple Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai threw their daughter, 3-year-old Bubu, a small surprise party recently. Working together to stealthily decorate their house without Bubu and her younger sister, 1-year-old Bobo noticing, the couple blew up a bunch of transparent balloons and hung up a garland and balloon letters in their room.

In her post online, Alyssa shared a number of pictures of their small celebration, and revealed that they had decided to buy a pair of birds as a present for their daughter. She added that Bubu has since christened them “Mischievous Panther” and “Fishy”.

The 43-year-old also revealed why they had decided to purchase a pet for Bubu in her caption, writing that the couple had deliberated over it for a long time.

“It’s a life after all! It’s a huge responsibility, and due care has to be given to [the bird],” she wrote, adding that her colleagues had poked fun at her for “getting two other [animals] that can only cry for food”, when she already has Bubu and Bobo, who also do the same. 

Jie Kai also dedicated a post online to Bubu. “Dear Bu, you’re already three! The gentle you, who is always caring, the naïve you, who always exudes an innocent joy,” he wrote, sharing his wish for Bubu to grow up happily and healthily.

Bubu’s stepsister, Angelina, wasn’t able to celebrate her birthday together with the rest of the family, as she’s currently schooling in Shanghai, China, and could only post dedication to her younger sister online.

“Jiejie really loves you! Although I might not have much time to meet up with you in the future, my love for you will never diminish. [It’ll] only increase [as time goes by].”

Alyssa is married to Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, with whom she has two daughters, 3-year-old Bubu and 1-year-old Bobo. Angelina is Alyssa’s daughter from her previous marriage with Taiwanese businessman Sun Zihao.

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Photos: PBE Media

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