Alyssa Chia & Xiu Jie Kai announce the arrival of baby girl

The couple registered their marriage before Alyssa gave birth to their daughter

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Taiwanese celebrity couple Xiu Jie Kai and Alyssa Chia announced the arrival of their daughter nicknamed “Bu Bu” via social media yesterday. According to Taiwanese media, Alyssa gave birth to the baby girl via caesarean section last Friday (Aug 14). The couple has also reportedly registered their marriage beforehand.

In addition, the baby’s big eyes and nose are said to resemble Alyssa’s whereas her tiny mouth and chin look like her father’s. Showered with bliss, Jie Kai has been singing praises of how “adorable and pretty” his daughter is. The actor even said that he will not allow Bu Bu to have a boyfriend.

The first-time dad shared his joy in Facebook post. He wrote: “Thank you, my wife, for making my dream come true. My good luck has turned into happiness. Now, I will give you and our daughter the greatest happiness [in the world]. [I will] love you all my life.”

At the same time, Alyssa also uploaded photos of the newborn baby on Facebook. “Thank you, Mr. Xiu, for staying by my side during the most painful period. It’s been tough on you! The future has only just began. Are you ready for it?”

Actor Yang Ming Wei, who became a father on Tuesday, commented on the post to offer his well wishes. In return, Jie Kai suggested to “walk their children” together in future.

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With Alyssa recuperating in a confinement centre at the moment, Jie Kai visits his wife and child after work every day. During Alyssa’s pregnancy, the actor often prepared nutritious food to keep them healthy. Now that the baby is born, the 32-year-old is eager to take up daddy duties such as changing diapers and bottle-feeding, so as to reduce the burden on his wife.

Although Alyssa’s older daughter “Wutong Mei” Angelina Sun (from her previous marriage with Taiwanese-American businessman Sun Zhihao) is currently in Los Angeles, the 10-year-old is excited to meet her little half-sister. Meanwhile, Zhihao simply congratulated Alyssa and declined to comment further.  


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