Alyssa Chia welcomes third daughter

Taiwanese actress is done having children


Alyssa Chia gave birth to her youngest daughter, nicknamed BoBo, last Wednesday (March 15) and announced the good news over the weekend.

The 42-year-old mother shared a photo of BoBo and revealed that her “Pisces baby” weighs 3 kilograms and measures 50cm in length.

BoBo spoke her first words through her mother who wrote, “I’m very lucky to be born in a family filled with love and with two beautiful sisters who will take care of me,” in a Facebook post.

Alyssa promised to continue sharing updates about BoBo’s growth and thanked everyone for the well-wishes and blessings. Her husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jiekai, also declared “This dad is ready [for BoBo]” on social media.

In her interviews with the media, the new mother said BoBo takes after her two sisters, Angelina Sun and “Bubu.” The three girls look like one another with their doe eyes and small mouths, she said, but BoBo has her dad’s dimples and a high nose bridge.

When asked if she intends to try for a fourth child, Alyssa replied, “I won’t try for a son, Xiu Jiekai prefers girls.”

At her first media appearance after announcing her third pregnancy in October last year, Alyssa revealed that Jiekai is considering ligation as they don’t intend to have any more kids.

Alyssa and Jiekai welcomed their first child, Bubu, in 2015; the actress was previously married to Sun Zihao with whom she had her first daughter, Angelina.

Photos: PBE Media

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