Alyssa Chia, Vivian Hsu run into each other in Disneyland

The two actresses’ children are growing up as the best of friends


Taiwanese actresses Alyssa Chia and Vivian Hsu are a fated pair indeed. Vivian gave birth to her first child, a son named Dalton, on August 13 2015. Barely a day later, Alyssa gave birth to her second daughter, nicknamed Bubu.

Since then, the actresses have met up occasionally for their children to have play dates. Pictures of Bubu and Dalton, who have essentially grown up with each other are particularly welcomed by their fans.

Earlier last week, Vivian shared a post online, sharing that she brought Dalton out to Hong Kong Disneyland to play. To her surprise, however, she ran into Alyssa and her family, who were there at the same time.


“The mummies of the fated 1314 (roughly translates to a lifetime in Chinese, and also refers to Dalton and Bubu’s birthdates, August 13 and 14) were surprised too,” Vivian quipped, sharing that their respective excursions were completely unplanned.

Vivian also shared a number of photos of the two same-aged friends holding hands and exploring the park together, to the delight of their fans. In one picture, Dalton can be seen leaning in to give Bubu a peck on her cheek as well.

Photos: PBE Media

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