Alyssa Chia’s daughters struck with the ‘princess disease’

The actress shared more about their princess fever in a Facebook post


Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia’s two daughters with Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai have quite an online following, after appearing on the reality show Super Mom. Since then, the actress often uploads pictures and little snippets of her daily life with Bubu, 3, and Bobo, 2, on her social media accounts.

On Sunday (May 5), she uploaded a number of pictures of the two of them dressed up in princess gowns.

“Girls will be girls and (they) couldn’t resist the temptation into turning into a gorgeous princess. They asked to put makeup on and paint their nails. After returning home from a friend’s house, (they) stole my lipstick to apply it on themselves. This is true love, there’s no mistake about it,” she wrote in her caption.


In the pictures, Bobo and Bubu pose for the camera in their dresses, applying makeup from a special children makeup set. Bobo can also be seen grinning from ear to ear, with Alyssa’s red lipstick smeared around her lips. 

However, the last photo showed the two sisters standing against a wall, with somber expressions on their faces. Later, Alyssa shared that Bubu and Bobo had been “consumed" by the princess disease, and had tried to order Alyssa about.

“Can you tell that the two princesses were punished to stand against the wall? This is because they really believed that they were princesses, and had the guts to order me around,” she laughed in her caption.


Photos: PBE Media

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