Alyssa Chia’s daughters prepare handmade cards for her birthday

Eldest daughter Angelina shared the contents of her card on Instagram

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Taiwanese singer-actress Alyssa Chia turned 44 on Sunday (Oct 7), and her three daughters, 13-year-old Angelina, 3-year-old Bubu and 1-year-old Bobo presented their mother with handmade cards as gifts.

Alyssa’s good friends also came together to throw a small party for her. Alyssa uploaded pictures of the gathering, as well as the cards from her daughters, online.

“I had a very blessed birthday, once it passed 12 midnight at our dinner gathering, the caring Summer immediately kick-started the birthday preparations to surprise me. The God of Songs, Old Hsiao (a nickname for Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao), even sang a birthday song for me, I was really touched,” Alyssa wrote in her caption.

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Angelina later shared some pictures of the celebration on her own Instagram account as well, revealing what she had written to her mother inside her card. The 13-year-old recounted that she had often yelled that she “doesn’t love” Alyssa anymore when she was younger. However, all those words were said in a fit of anger. Angelina then professed her love for Alyssa, writing, “I'll love you forever. No matter what happens, I’ll be the only one who’ll never give up, forever, loving, you.”

Alyssa’s husband, Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, also posted a picture together with Alyssa online, with a simple, “Happy birthday, my wife,” as his caption.

Alyssa is married to Taiwanese actor Xiu Jie Kai, with whom she has two daughters, 3-year-old Bubu and 1-year-old Bobo. Angelina is Alyssa’s daughter from her previous marriage to Taiwanese businessman Sun Zihao.

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