Alyssa Chia attended the launch of a new collection from Belgian leather goods brands Delvaux in Taipei on May 16.

The actress shared that she bought her first Delvaux bag from overseas many years ago. “Like a lot of other women, I love buying bags,” she admitted. “After becoming a mother, I started favouring more practical designs.”

When asked if her husband, actor Xiu Jie Kai, ever nags at her for spending too much money on bags, she said, “He has no right to do so - just look at how many sneakers he owns!”

She also shared that her daughter Bubu sometimes likes to put on her high heels and drag her bags all over the floor. “I won’t scold her,” she said. “I’ll just tell her, ‘Be a good girl and give them back to me, they are not your toys.’”

Alyssa then talked about Bubu’s Mother’s Day gift to her, which was a pot of carnations. “She also sang a song to me, and to be honest, she is as tone-deaf as I am!” she laughed. “I have decided to look for a good music teacher to fix that.”

Photos: TPG

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