Alyssa Chia, Summer Meng, and more celebs attended a Dior fashion showcase in Taipei yesterday (Oct 23), looking glamorous in the luxury brand’s latest collection.

According to Alyssa, the top part of her dress was supposed to be more opened up to reveal more cleavage, but she looked modestly covered up instead. “Perhaps it’s because my chest is not ‘magnificent’ enough,” she quipped self-deprecatingly. “But it’s okay, it can be a ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ kind of sexy!”

The Taiwanese actress then shared that she has been looking out for Halloween costumes for her daughters, and that she hopes they will be willing to venture away from typical “princessy” styles and try something darker or more unique for their age, even if it’s just a clown. “Hopefully, them seeing my outfit today will inspire them to like darker styles,” she said.

In other news, Summer, who is set to tie the knot with host Mickey Huang in April next year, admitted that she’s feeling very frustrated with the numerous wedding customs and processes. While she’s already settled the banquet venue and traditional wedding cakes, she has yet to pick her dress.

“I want to choose one that I know I will not regret wearing, so I’m still taking my time,” she explained, adding that she hopes to make a decision by next month. “But my mum has already decided to make a cheongsam for me.”

Photos: TPG