Alyssa Chia attended a charity press conference in Taipei last Tuesday (Aug 13), where she shared some anecdotes about her three daughters.

The 44-year-old actress revealed that she recently travelled to Japan with her eldest child, Angel Sun, whom she had during her first marriage to Chinese businessman Sun Zhihao. During the trip, they got to spend some precious time together and have intimate conversations as mother and daughter.

According to Alyssa, Angel’s biggest frustration at the moment is the fact that “too many people like her”. “She has more and more female friends, and boys are trying to get her attention by buying her gifts like bubble tea,” she said. “She hasn’t experienced her first love yet, but when it comes to getting into a serious relationship, both I and her father think the later she does it, the better!”

Alyssa then recalled a touching scene that took place when the family was sending Angel off back to Shanghai to resume her studies. It was the first time Angel’s half-sisters Bubu and Bobo (Alyssa’s younger daughters with husband Xiu Jie Kai) joined them at the airport, and according to Alyssa, the siblings were so unwilling to part ways that they all cried.

In other news, Bubu turned four yesterday (Aug 14), but Alyssa revealed that they had already celebrated her birthday last weekend. The event included a “milk-quitting ritual”, during which Bubu locked away a bottle of milk to symbolise the fact that she will no longer ask for it. The move apparently inspired little Bobo to want to do the same. “Finally, I no longer need to bring a bottle of milk with me when I go out!” Alyssa quipped.

Photos: TPG